Fabulous 208 Vintage pop magazines from 1967
Fabulous 208 vintage pop music magazine from 1967 featuring The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, The Monkees, Twiggy, George Best, David Hemmings, The Beach Boys, Michael Caine, Cilla Black, Tom Jones, Peter Frampton, Small Faces, interviews and fabulous photos plus fashion and advertising and many late 60’s icons and legends...


Fabulous 208 is packed with great vintage design adverts from the 1960’s covering beauty, skin care advice, clothes, health tips, giving up smoking with amazing exclusive photos and interviews that capture an era! Sometimes naive and a bit bonkers but it the 1960’s.

As a magazine designer I love these pages on so many levels and I hope you will too. I have placed a few of the pages from my collection that covers 1967. I believe was a monumental year for music and graphic magazine design. I love this nostalgia and psychedelic fonts and typography and fashion... the advert styles and illustrations are just priceless! Enjoy these rare Fabulous208 editions... 

If you want to read the magazines articles, adverts... or give feedback and suggestions... feel free to email me. These truly feel like a treasured view into a legendary musical era. They are in pristine condition, bound in a hard back volume and may be sold as a collection or reproduced for vintage artwork or research.

Any views expressed or jokes made etc are just a bit of fun and are not the sites or writers opinion ...plus it was the 60’s....  I mean... a twiggy fashion shoot on skates..... it’s all a bit of fun!


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